We would love to train and empower you.  You should not feel silly or stupid because you don’t know how to do things.  You have to remember – the computer is a tool and to know how to use a tool properly – you need training.  There are so many things about the computer that most people don’t know about and therefore don’t know to ask.


We have trained Seniors to Executives – there are no silly questions.  What is important is that you are are able to achieve what you want with your computer without frustration.  🙂


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Data Protection

The #1asset we have in our computers is our data; that means pictures, documents, emails and contacts.  Pictures are by far the most important since we are able to take so many, we don’t print them out and we cannot recreate the moments.

We have realized the reason why people don’t back up is because they don’t have a system in place; they do know

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Technically Perfect 

Technically perfect is an oxymoron to most but for us – it’s the way we live.  🙂  What it means to us, is that we have invested time to engineer/re-engineer a system/tool/process to the point we can guarantee results with your computer. your server and your network.  We’ve been doing this for 20 years.  The hardware and software change but the premise is still the same.  

A computer – be it Mac or PC is still based on 0’s and 1’s with electricity.  The software is still based on 0’s and 1’s with user interface. From our perspective – we can deliver exceptional service to dramatically effect and accelerate your business growth and livelihood.

Hard Drive Failure

Are you hearing clicking noises? Seeing or errors or getting a warning that the hard drive is about to fail? Every minute counts! Call us now to book an appointment. Your computer could be minutes from permanent data loss. When a hard drive begins to fail the problem can quickly escalate to the point where all you data is lost. Call us now so we can recover your data and make sure your data is safe.

Desktop repairs

Desktops are still the most flexible and most productive way to get work done. So we will get your technology workhorse fixed and tuned to run faster then a comparable laptop. If you are serious about the games you play, a tuned up desktop will give you the edge. If you are in the market for a new computer give us a call. We will provide a customized computer for your specific needs that will run circles account a comparable big box sale computer.

Desktop computers can almost always be fixed. They are the most flexible way of owning technology. If your computer is less then 5 years old having us look at it will be a great choice. Replacing a failed power supply for a “dead” computer costs a lot less than replacing the computer. A new desktop computer will give you twice the power and performance to a comparably priced laptop.

PC Doc - Desktop Repairs
PC Doc - Fast Turnaround Time

Fast Turnaround Time

We need the technology around use to work. That is why a call to will get your problems fixed fast. We will fix your computer troubles but also find why you were having the problem in the first place and fix that too. Your technology will work amazing well after a visit from us. Also looking for convenience? That’s why we come to you to provide excellent service or training. We can also setup your workspace to get 25- 50% more stuff done. We have helped hundreds of people setup their work at home offices. When you need to get a lot done at home we will help you get it done a lot faster.

Having your computer working, getting your email, checking in with your family and friends is very important. That is why we get your problems fixed fast and well so your computer will continue helping you stay in touch.

Slow Operations

Do you “work from home”? Then have us come in and do a cleanup on your computer and a tune-up on how you work with your computer. You can expect a 25-50% improvement in how you work. You will have more “home” time instead of “work” time.

Call us now and make the most of your work time. Is your time valuable? Is your computer more than 2 years old? Then it is time for a tune-up and cleanup. Your computer will run like new and you will get more stuff done. Taking your computer internet surfing is like taking your car off-roading, after a while you need to park and wash off the mud. In this case though the cleanup will make your computer faster.

PC Doc - Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repair

Keep your laptop running in tip top shape with a full computer cleaning? Most computer problems are caused by all the software and stuff that has gotten into your laptop. Websites can leave more than “cookies” behind that end up getting your computer to misbehave.

Is your laptop slow? Getting a lot of popup messages? Are you getting told to call some 1-800 number to fix your laptop? Do not call them! Call us instead. We will fix your computer and make sure you stop getting the annoying messages.

Virus Infection Cleanup

Getting a virus while surfing the internet is common. What is important is to get the computer cleaned up fast before it gets worse. Unlike a cold were you know you will get better after a few days, a computer virus will not go away, instead it will get worse until your computer will complete crash or worse. You are at risk of losing all your pictures, emails, and documents.

There are 3 types of infections. Spyware which takes over your browser and try’s taking you to websites that will try to infect your with an actual computer virus (the 2nd type). A computer virus will try to take over your computer so it can get to more computers or steal your information. The last type of infection is Ransomware. This is where all your computer data has been encrypted and you can’t open any of your documents. When you try to open them you get a message saying that your data is being held for ransom and you can only get it back if you pay the hacker in internet money like Bitcoin. Call us anytime but preferably before you are at serious risk of losing all your information.

PC Doc - Virus Checks

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