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The average cost to a small business after a cyberattack is $200,000 and weeks to recover. Whether you have the best technical hardware or IT experts at hand, it still takes one click from the weakest link in the Human Firewall to let the malware into the network to cause a data breach.

IT has a lot of power; companies need a second opinion to ensure the technology is supporting the business needs and goals.  An IT Audit and Assessment provides peace of mind to the CEO; knowing the hardware purchased is correct, all policies and processes are providing the highest security possible.



Identity theft is stolen every 3 seconds in the amount of $1.5 billion of investments, retirement and education funds.  Apple and Microsoft technicians will never ask you to call them if your computer freezes; when that happens, unplug your computer immediately.  Hijacking, cyberbullying, and other forms of cyberattacks are how The PC Doc has become families’ everyday hero.