About Us & Our Philosophy

For 20 years, we have been exposing unfair practices and financial scams by internal or external IT with data-driven pieces of evidence to charge them. We have also uncovered an array of situations where the IT was accountable for failing the business unit - miserably.

Every CEO, we have ever met, has concerns and doubts about their IT but didn’t know what to do. That’s where we come in as an IT watchdog and Business Guardian.

We are a certified ISO 27001 IT Lead Auditor. We perform customized IT Audits, aligned with business needs and specific objectives to ensure IT accountability, and transparency. It’s our privilege and pride to serve businesses for their wellbeing and security, leading on a path to success.

I.T. Governance


With complex architectures and innumerable moving parts, IT seems to be in disarray – It isn’t and It doesn’t have to be.


Data security and asset protection are at the core of IT governance. Implementing CIS controls is the first step in the right direction for a business with digital assets.


IT has privileged access to intimate information and confidential data, therefore, IT must behave ethically on all accounts.

ISO 27001:2013 ITLA

IT and Business are deep-rooted into each other for successful outcomes. ISO advocates the synergy between departments for integrating and measuring all controls.

Get your IT straight - NOW with our IT Audit from your business perspective


Measuring the stability of departments across the organization using CIS controls, for security, productivity, and financial accountability.


Assessing security to make sure the business objectives and technical capabilities complement each other to safeguard your business against evolving cyber threats.


Identifying the risks, benchmarking the configurations, prioritizing a set of actions in order to fix the foundation of process, policies, and day-to-day activities in the IT department.

Our IT Audits can be done remotely. Get the right answers now.Save you up to 30% Off your IT budget.

Yes, I want technical stability in my company.

IT Audit Results Secure your Business, Optimize your Assets


Software detailing on individual machines. Save costs, avoid exposure, and gain control.


Vulnerabilities and validity of hotfixes with a prioritized set of action to strengthen the security.


Visibility into your IT environment. Optimize the usage and reduce maintenance costs of assets.


Accuracy and conformity of cost accounting. Identify undue wastage and project realistic cost.


Being able to track where and what happened to software and hardware assets saves time and money.


Comprehensive system list to ensure they meet the benchmark standards and business to KNOW what you have.

Your Virtual IT Auditor

needs-driven IT services for your business Goals

  1. Express IT Audit

  2. Auditing process starts within 24-hours
  3. Audit Reports start coming within 1 week
  4. Analysis starts within 2 weeks
  5. Post-analysis Prioritized list
  6. Post-analysis Action list with Remediation
  7. Whole process usually takes 1 month
  1. Managed IT as a Service

  2. Monthly monitoring to Keep your IT stable
  3. Managed IT service as an extension of your IT team OR as your virtual CISO
  4. Continuous analysis of IT Infrastructure
  5. Proactively identifying issues and resolution
  6. Implementing lastest updates and compliances

Do you Trust

What Your IT Guy is Doing?

Belarc advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware network inventory, any missing microsoft hotfixes. anti-virus status. security benchmark. and display the results in your web browser.

All OF Your PC Profile Information is Kept Private on your pc and not sent to any web server.

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Why Work with us

  • You have questions...
    We give right answers with results
  • You are frustrated...
    We deliver solutions with peace of mind
  • You need someone to trust...
    We offer transparent reports with honesty

We work on behalf of the Business, not IT

The PC Doc is a unique IT consulting company with two primary directives:

  • Defend the Business - With IT Auditing
  • Build to last - With Remediation

We do a comprehensive IT Audit to identify business risks, devise a plan of action to rectify issues, drive business success with IT alignment.

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