We care about your security

Why did you start The PC Doc?

I like fixing things and helping people.  It comes from when and where I grew up in the middle of a valley in south central British Columbia.

So on a farm, if the equipment was broken – you didn’t eat.

I’ve applied that principle mindset and skills to protecting my Residential and Corporate clients.

                                                                                       – Phillip Bidinoff


Who are you protecting and Why?

 I’ve always liked helping and educating people. 

When I got into IT, we came cross client after client who spent way too much on hardware that did not support their business.  At the same time, as we worked through our projects, it was a challenge for Users to tell me anything for fear of looking stupid.  

Feeling angry about what had happened to them, I felt it was almost “criminal”. After all, these were hardworking business owners who spent hard earned money into stuff that did not do what was sold to them.  It was then, did I decide to become their IT Everyday Hero. 

                                                                                   – Elizabeth Wu