PC Doc cares about YOUR IT Security

Why did you start The PC Doc?

I like finding long term solutions, and fixing problems.  Helping people is a significant part of my personality.  The source of this trait comes from when, and where I was raised.  We had a farm in south central British Columbia and if the farm equipment was broken, then you could not eat until a solution was implemented.

I’ve applied these principle  mindsets, skills, and solution oriented drive to protecting all my Residential, and Corporate clients.

                                                                                    Phillip Bidinof

Who are your clients, how do you protect, and why?

I have always excelled at, and enjoyed, finding the best fix, and educating people. 

When I got into IT, I would meet clients who had spent way too much on hardware, software, and it services that did not support their business.  At the same time, as we worked through our solutions based processes, and fixes, it became startling clear that it was a challenge for most clients to open up, and tell me any details of how they got to where they are, for fear of looking stupid.  

Feeling angry about what had happened to them, I felt it was almost “criminal”. After all, these were hardworking business owners who spent hard earned money into equipment, services, and software, that did not solve their IT issues, and problems.  It was then, did I decided to become their IT Everyday Hero. 

                                                                                   – Elizabeth Wu