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Interview with Andrew Violi, President of Mellow Walk Shoes.

Interview with Marg Hachey, Managing Director of GroYourBiz

Interview with Marcus Gillam, President of Gillam Group. 

Phillip Bidinoff tells you how to go from Good to Great IT.

Stablize. Secure.Strengthen.


Step 1. An Audit can be performed by someone who is not technical but knowledgeable about IT systems. An Auditor's function is to check off the list if the item, process or policy is in place or not.

The issue about not being technical in this instance is that if you are not aware of the product, it is hard to Audit the lack of an item that would be beneficial to the business.


Step 2.. To Assess requires technical skill and expertise. It is knowing the difference between styles, models, and versions that will support or hinder the growth of your business.

As a business, it is vital to know that the "part" that is purchased is supporting your business growth.
Remember, IT is not a black hole of expenses.


Step 3. Quite often, clients will only want what is broken fixed - based on cost. However, when it comes to the network, it is not always obvious what is broken.

Here's an example. The POS system would freeze sometimes. Is it defective? Is it the internet? No. It's because the electrical cables crossed the phone lines causing interference.


Undercover Sys Admin

” Have you had the feeling your VP/Director of IT was hiding something – not being exactly truthful?”

 We have offsite conversations with Presidents who had a feeling there is something going on with their IT dept. With no one to turn to as their beloved company slowly suffocates. Now there is.  The PC Doc helps Presidents take back control of their company.  Let’s have a conversation about THAT feeling. 

All conversations are 100% confidential under the Cone of Silence.