Computer Security Support

Dear Business Owner and End User:

Thank you for taking the time to read our website. While we appreciate you trying to distinguish which IT provider is right for you at the end of the day, you just want your computers fixed and your network stable, am I right?

We started in the residential neighborhood of Thornhill, Ontario in 2000 teaching Snowbirds how to use computers. We built our business one resident at a time, starting with Bubbe, then the rest of the family and their businesses. By 2004, we began our corporate climb while keeping our residential customers. We saved many corporations from imploding who lacked the IT skillset to bridge between technology and business processes.

After every project, we gained further insight into our “genius”, gaining the reputation of Infrastructure Server specialists and IT Cost Containment experts, we had a tremendous impact on our client’s bottom line. We realized our specialty was bridging the IT chasm between the business unit and technology.

The notion of having the “best IT guy” who “really knows his stuff” is absurd. Like every profession, there are shades of grey and a wide spectrum of specialties.

How did we do it?

It’s very simple.  We asked questions and we listened.  Everyone had a voice to the challenges they were experiencing in their job, locally and globally.  When we were done listening, we were clear with the situation.  In addition to knowing the business objectives we began our investigation into the root cause.

If you’re familiar with McKinsey’s method, Up the organization (Robert Townsend) or Undercover Boss (TV show), you’ll understand exactly what we do.

Look forward to meeting you and helping you over the IT chasm.


You cannot have security without stability.  It’s time to Audit.

It is not normal for your IT network to experience any downtime or any type of unscheduled interruption.  If you haven’t noticed then ask your staff if they have and your System Administrator for the availability report from the system Log files of the server. 

If the staff don’t give you a firm “Yes, it’s interruptive”, then another indicator is the overall of the mood – it’s not as happy as it used to be.  That’s because quite often if there is trouble with the network, staff will come in tired and leave exhausted.   

To learn  if it’s true for you and how to change it, click on the button below.



  1. Dear Mom and Dad,

It’s not all your kid’s fault your network has viruses or your network has been hacked.  There are so many other factors, some of which are most consumers don’t even realize.

At The PC Doc we cannot impress upon you enough that this is preventable and you need to take action.  

  1. Be aware.  Watch the videos we have provided on the next page. 
  2. Make a list of all your Smart devices on your network
  3. Change the SSID and the password for all devices.
  4. Call us to do an Audit to make sure you are protected.