Employees are not a threat to security. They are part of the solution.

95% of successful cyberattacks are due to human error.  The Human Firewall is not something you buy. It is you and I. We are the first line of defence to protect our assets online and stored on our computers.  Awareness training is not enough.  Active engagement through immersive virtual reality.  It’s Fast, Effective and Efficient.

Immersive Virtual Reality Training

Learning can be FUN and EASY.

Our world is changing.  Immersive Virtual Reality training increases engagement and changes behavior.

In the most comprehensive training, employees will have fun while realizing their own activities are contributing to successful cyberattacks.  


Password Security

  • 2-factor Authentication
  • Creating Strong Passwords
  • Secure Password Storage
  • Securing Privileged Access

Working Remotely

  • Email Compromises – One Click Away
  • Keep your kids away
  • Physical Security Practice

Social Engineering

  • Responsible Posting
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Hey – Do I Know You?
  • What Is the Difference?

Cyber Team is On IT

How do you change what you don’t know you don’t know?

In our Virtual Reality games, we make you work and decide how Client data ended up on CNN Top Story, you have to figure out how the money was stolen while at a coffee shop and many more scenarios that will have you understanding and learning how to protect your data.


We also conduct interactive workshops where we provide information about data breaches. Cyber Safety Awareness Training emphasizes user interaction, which allows for learning retention and dramatically decreases the cost associated with reteaching concepts or even worse, a data breach from user error. We will help you learn the fundamentals of cyber safety and see real-world examples of today’s cyber threats.

Strengthen the Human Firewall

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